About Us

Beatrice Odessa is well aware of the importance of having a friendly, knowledgeable staff at the Beatrice Spa and Beauty Salon. Beatrice worked as an executive account manager for over ten years in New York and Atlanta. In that time, she learned the importance of people skills and strong communication. Before opening her spa, she also learned what clients wanted and didn't want, from a whole spa experience.

Beatrice and her staff have an utmost commitment to their client and will work with you to best accommodate you when you visit the spa.

Every staff member at Beatrice Spa and Beauty Salon is an expert in their respected field
of beauty. Most of them have been personally recruited by Beatrice to work at the spa.
It's important for Beatrice that her staffers feel like family and treat each and every client like family. Clients who have to work with a different staffer due to schedule commitments, have complete trust in Beatrice that any staffer they work with will meet their needs.

Beatrice prides herself on hiring the best of the best when it comes to her employees. The best compliment she ever received was from a female client who told Beatrice that she frequented spas all over the world, but only the staff at Beatrice makes her "feel right at home."

Therapists at Work

Women's massage Therapist

Amy Broddersfield MPT

Men's massage Therapist

Nguin Ming Lo MPT


Christiana Sherman

Shiazu Therapist